The ASEZA General Plan

The ASEZA General Plan defines the long-term strategy of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) for organizing and managing the growth and development in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. The General Plan serves as a guide that establishes the goals and policies for governing the coordination of development throughout the area with respect to the use of land, intensity of development, means of access and circulation, provision of utilities, and protection of environmental, cultural and historical resources.

Naturally, the base of our agency services and shipping operations is AQABA where we have a highly skilled and experienced professional staff.
Because we own and operate ships ourselves, we understand what other operators and charterers need in foreign ports. We take pride in satisfying these requirements.

Aqaba Port is well equipped to handle conventional, container, RORO and bulk cargo vessels.

* Aqaba port 
* Jordan Maritime Authority
* Shipping Agents Association 
* Ministry of Transport